Griffin technology, the Apple accessories manufacturer, has launched two new iPad add-ons at CES in Las Vegas: the StompBox and Mic Stand Mount for iPad.

The StompBox is a professional-quality pedalboard for iPad. With assignable foot switches and a quarter-inch expression pedal input, it allows you to use the iPad device as a portable, programmable effects board and practice rig whilst recreating the experience of an actual pedalboard.

The StompBox multi-function foot controller integrates with iShred LIVE from iTunes to give guitarists an iPad-ready pedalboard, whilst the Mic Stand Mount turns an iPad into a music stand.

The tuner, metronome and playback controls on iShred Live are all controlable through the device and effects like volume, expression, or wah-wah are all available.

As for the mount, four rubber-lined grips hold the iPad securely on all four corners without blocking the controls, dock connector, or audio jack; the mount rotates and locks into either portrait or landscape view, and tilts up to 90 degrees.

The StompBox for iPad is £69.99, will be available in the first quarter of 2011, whilst the Mic Stand Mount for iPad is £29.99 and will be available January 2011.

iShred LIVE is a free download, now available in the App Store.