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(Pocket-lint) - Mophie, the company that normally spends its time creating battery packs for the iPhone, has launched the Mophie Pulse - a gaming focused iPod touch case that brings haptic feedback and a better speaker system to the Apple device so gamers can immerse themselves into the action.

The fun concept is simple in its approach; you slip the case onto your iPod and it does the rest.

That rest is giving you haptic feedback (that's where the iPod buzzes when you interact with the screen to indicate you are pressing it) and better sound.

Plugging into the iPod touch via the dock connector and providing its own charge, Mophie explained that the system works by reacting not to your exact touch but the sound effects in a game.

“A First Person Shooter would make the system react to the shooting while a bubble popping bubble wrap game means the system reacts to the pops of the bubbles”, a spokesman for the company explained to us.

Costing around $100 and due out in the next couple of months, the device will be coming to the US and the UK.

A quick session with the bubble wrap game showed us that the system works, and works well, bringing the technology that is found on most of Apple’s competition devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Player, as standard.

This won’t be for everyone, however it is a bit of fun and will appeal to those looking to enhance their iPod touch gaming experience. What it will also do though, is make your iPod touch bigger than an iPhone 3G. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.