If you’ve ever wanted to video yourself MX, BMX or just getting some downhill action, then Liquid Image is coming to the rescue. Introducing the model 367 to their line-up of action cam goggles, Liquid Image also offers solutions for divers and skiers that we’ve seen previously.

The goggles contain a wide angle camera between the eyes, with controls and connections integrated at the sides. The camera offers Full HD video capture or 12-megapixel (interpolated) stills.

Full HD is captured at 30fps, but a 720 mode will offer you 60fps which might be better suited to some of the fast action stunts you’re about to pull.

Storage is via microSD card, with up to 32GB supported. The on-board li-ion battery will give you 1.5-2 hours of video capture, but you can buy extra batteries if you feel you need to record incessantly.

The Impact Series HD model 367 is a MTB/motocross goggle and integrates a nose protector, will be available in October 2011 and will retail for $400. It will be available in black, or red with “grey hydro”. The Summit Series model 337 aimed at skiers costs the same, but offers white as a colour option.