England's utter capitulation at the South Africa World Cup put an end to a nation's misguided expectations that this time (more than any other time) it would be our year, but contrary to many of the UK's tabloid newspapers, life indeed did go on... Albeit, not always to plan.

Not for Steve Jobs and Apple, that is. June may have been the month of the iPhone 4, but July was the month of the iPhone 4's much reported problems - otherwise known as Antennagate.

The newly launched iOS device may have been the slimmest, sexiest handset on the market, but it was also flawed. It was revealed that if you held it with your palm covering the black strips at the bottom of the exterior framing antenna, it would lose bars and, therefore, signal. And, although there was plenty of evidence to support this, the initial response from Apple was, "don't hold it like that".

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In the middle of the month, though, Jobs called a special, hastily-arranged press conference and admitted fallibility. He then offered up a free bumper or case to all iPhone 4 users worldwide, which helped solve the reception issue, and that was the end of that. Almost.

Thanks to the debacle, Apple became the foil for spoofs and ribbings around the globe, including the iPhone iHand fake advert and bizarre Taiwanese animated news report, but did it hamper the sales of the iPhone 4, or interest in the company's future products? Of course it didn't.

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In other news, Microsoft launched its slimmer, tighter Xbox 360, slapping an "S" after the title, a neater power supply in the box and a 250GB in its bowels. All tasty stuff, and a great teaser for the much anticipated Kinect to come later in the year.

And future Pocket-lint Gadget Award-winner, the HTC Desire HD was unveiled and named for the first time.

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But, sadly, hype and all, we're still waiting for the Augmented Reality Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots seen at Qualcomm's Uplinq developers' conference in San Diego. Come on Mattel, get a wriggle on.