You know what it's like. You've had a hard day at work, so when you get home you just want to plug in your iPod dock, listen to some tunes, and test your DNA.

What do you mean you don't have a hankering for a spot of DNA analysis? Surely everybody wants to play CSI in the comfort of their own home?

If you do then the Personal Genome Machine could be just what you're after. This printer-sized machine is intended for research purposes (so no playing doctor) and uses an array of parallel semiconductor sensors to measure hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication in real-time.

It is the first product to use semiconductor sequencing technology and it uses a unique combination of integrated fluidics, micromachining, and semiconductor technology which will let you see translations of genetic information into digital information.

Oh yeah, and it's got an iPod dock on the top of it as well.

"Point-and-shoot digital cameras opened up photography to everyone because they were fast, cheap and easy - and people saw the results immediately, so they quickly became better photographers", said Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, founder of Ion Torrent, the company behind the machine. "That's what Ion is doing for DNA sequencing".

There's no pricing details yet, but Ion says it will be shipping worldwide soon. Weirdest iPod dock ever? We think so.