The world was aflutter with pre-World Cup fever in May 2010. The competition wasn’t due to start until the following month but that didn’t stop the retailers coming up with as many football related tech deals as they could think of. It also meant plenty of time for us to tell our readers about the very finest ways to watch the event with our World Cup Week on Pocket-lint. What’s more, it gave our news team the excuse to pry into the social networking habits of the England squad.

Fortunately, there was quite a bit of actual technology launched in May 2010 as well. In fact, it was the month that saw undoubtedly the biggest hardware event of the year which was the arrival of the Apple iPad. This, of course, queuseries of nutters queuing up at Jobs Shops the world over. On top of that, we also saw one encased in gold and yours for just £130,000, we watched at exactly how long one lasted as a skateboard, analysts made slight idiots out of themselves by saying it would flop and the internet discovered that Bill Gates had basically discovered the iPad in 2007 anyway. All this meant very little to Apple who just sat back and enjoyed life as they were crowned the world’s biggest tech company. Not bad for a couple of decades’ work.

And it wasn’t just Apple who had something to shout about. Microsoft’s Project Natal inched ever closer as the October 2010 release date was announced, Sony’s NEX interchangeable lens cameras became a reality and indeed did their world’s first interchangeable lens camcorder too. At the same time, Bose brought out the ultimate in easy to set up home cinema systems with Unify and Darth Vader came to TomTom satnavs. Natually, good old PL was there to take pictures of the lot.

As ever, May was an interesting time for mobile phones. Nokia decided it was yet another time to make another stab at a comeback with announcements of the C3 and C6 handsets as well as the latest flagship device, the Nokia N8. In slightly sexier news, we got hands on with the 4G HTC Evo and pictures of an all white iPhone 4 popped up as well.

Phone services were also the talk of the town as Skype over 3G finally turned up on the iPhone app as did the official software from Twitter and, possibly saddest of all, the cult service that was Spinvox bit the dust. To top it all off it was a crazy time for the operators too with the Orange and T-Mobile officially becoming the merged omniscient entity that is Everything Everywhere and Google admitting that its aspirations to get involved in the handset retail game hadn’t quite worked out as it decided to leave the selling of the Nexus One to the professionals.

In tech news, The Times paywall drew ever closer and Zuckerberg was having a quick chew on some humble pie over the latest round of Facebook privacy changes while Google went in the opposite direction by opening up the Wave beta for all to try. Whether or not Google TV - which was detailed in the same month for the first time - will fair any better, we’ll have to let you know in the 2011 Year in Review.

Elsewhere, Londoners stood proud as a new and futuristic yet retro bus for the city was unveiled, DSLRs showed off their video prowess as the finale of House: Season 6 was shot on a Canon, Limewire lost all hope of surviving a court case, Pacman turned 30 and we discovered what it’s like to be a crash test dummy.

And last, but by no means least, Pocket-lint recorded its inaugural podcast. Have a listen now to see exactly what May 2010 was like according to the voices that were there.