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(Pocket-lint) - iPad cases are more common than the sight people slipping on their backsides on an icy high-street.

So, for one to catch the beady eye of Pocket-lint it has to stand out from the crowd, and offer something a bit different.

And that's exactly what the Mophie Workbook does. You might be more familiar with Mophie's Juice Pack range, but the California based company has now decided to offer up its first ever iPad protective case.

"But what makes it different?" we hear you cry. Well Pocket-lint fans, it has a strip of Velcro down one edge of the case, which attaches anywhere alongside the underside of the front panel, giving you an "infinite" number of viewing angles.

Pocket-lintmophie workbook hands on image 4

A flat angle is also suitable for typing as the hinge provides some nice suspension so as you can get a bit of give when you type rather than simply punching into the static screen.

“We saw a need in the iPad accessory market for a case that included features to enhance functionality and ease-of-use, as well as protect the device,” said Susan Schedel, vice president of Mophie sales and marketing.

“We created the workbook to deliver an entirely new way for users to interact with their iPad while also providing top of the line protection and an aesthetic that is design and style-forward.”

Pocket-lintmophie workbook hands on image 3

The exterior is an "animal friendly" faux-leather, and its innards are nice and soft, giving the Workbook a reassuring cushioned feel. There's a handy elastic strap to keep it all tight when your out and about as well. You've still got access to all of your controls and ports too, due to the pass-through design.

The Mophie Workbook comes in five different colours - black, white, brown, grey and orange (which is the one we got our paws on, obviously) - and has an RRP of £49.99. You can get one from Amazon for a few quid less than this though - the online giant is knocking them out for £45.84 a pop.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.