We're not sure if this is the most unnecessary gadget that we've ever come across, or a piece of genius kit. Whatever it is though, it's definitely absolutely bonkers, and also rather cool.

The i-dration drinks bottle is a "clever" water container that syncs up with a smartphone app "to help sports people maintain optimum levels of hydration for improved performance".  

It works by analysing real information such as the temperature and the amount you are drinking and, combined with the app that can measure the amount of exercise that you're doing, it integrates data of your physical condition.

The app will then give you an assessment of your hydration levels and the i-dration bottle will flash a blue light if you need to drink more.

We did warn you that it was bonkers.

Developed by Cambridge Consultants, the i-dration bottle will be on show over in Vegas at CES 2011. There are no plans for a general release as of yet.