The latest eBook reader attempting to cash in on the Christmas shopping season has just been announced by Parisian eBook specialist Bookeen - the Bookeen Cybook Orizon.

And, just as with all eBook reader launches, the first question you have to ask is: "How is this better than the Kindle?"

Usually, the answer is "it isn't" but the Orizon does have a couple of nice little features that beat Amazon's eBook reader champion.

Firstly it has a multi-touch screen with caress touch paper technology and pinch-to-zoom, and it also claims to be the world's thinnest eBook reader with a thickness (or thinness, rather) of just 7.6mm - around 0.9mm thinner than the Kindle.

It's a Wi-Fi device and features an anti-glare 6-inch screen and has 2GB of on board memory. There's also a web browser on board too for some light surfing.

First announced back at CES 2010 in January, the Bookeen Cybook Orizon is now available in 17 countries in Europe and will cost around £189.99 in the UK.