Details of several ebook readers that US-based Pocketbook is planning on announcing have leaked out, with some exciting colour-based readers mentioned.

First up, and most excitingly, is the Pocketbook Mirasol, which features Qualcomm's full-colour Mirasol display, which Pocket-lint got up close and personal with back in June at its San Diego campus.

At the time Cheryl Goodman, director of marketing for Qualcomm MEMS Technologies told us: "Activity will come from the eReader sector first. We are working towards the end of the year, beginning of next, and with multiple vendors".

And it seems that one of those vendors is Pocketbook, with the leaked press release stating a CES launch for the device, backing up what Qualcomm told us back in September.

If you're not too familiar with the technology, a Mirasol screen is capable of being manufactured at any size, can display colour, can run video, and requires only 1mW of power to run.

In comparison, a similarly sized TFT LCD screen requires 20mW, and an AMOLED display needs a staggering 100-700mW. This all means that battery life will be greatly enhanced on a Mirasol-laden device.

The prototype Pocketbook can apparently run video at 12fps, which is some-way short of the around 30fps average that we're used to on LCD devices. Let's hope the final model performs a bit better.

As well as the Mirasol device, Pocketbook also has an Android 2.0, full colour 7-inch TFT device planned, the IQ701, which will also offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and will be "best suited for customers seeking entertainment in an eReader".

There's six devices in total listed in the leaked release, although the Mirasol and the IQ701 look to be the pick of the bunch.

Of course, Pocket-lint will be at CES 2011 in full force and will be reporting on all of the top tech stories - direct from Las Vegas.