Suck UK has brought us all manner of excellent and fun gizmos over the years, including a headless Teddy Bear lamp and wind-up robot salt and pepper shakers, but few have appealed so much to our rose tinted glasses and empty bellies than the Pac Man Cookie Cutters.

The officially licensed cookie cutters come in a pack of four for £12.99 and have been created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our round-headed (bodied?) chum. There are three ghosts, with one of them having turned blue, although they'll all be munched eventually.

You can't quite order the pack yet, but can be notified by Suck UK when it's available by visiting the company's website at

Obviously, the biscuits don't come with the set, you'll have to make them all by yourself. Pocket-lint recommends ginger nuts, they have the added bonus of lasting a bit longer and staying firm when dipped in tea.

Ooo... We do love a ginger nut around here.

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