When we first laid eyes on the latest generation iPod nano, our first thought was that it was the perfect size to fit a watch-strap.

And whilst there has been nothing official from Apple, there have been a wealth of third party offerings. But none are quite as retrotastically brilliant as the Slap strap from Griffin.

Paying homage to the 1980s slap bracelet craze, these flexible, steel spring straps are wrapped in a soft silicone and will adjust to your wrist size once you slap it into place.

If they are truly like their 1980s counterparts then they will also fit snugly around your sisters neck. Although this is not advised. A similar incident in 1988 with Pocket-lint's sister ended up with a decapitated He-Man figure, and we don't even want to go into the horror that Panthro from Thundercats had to endure.

With the Slap strap your nano is surrounded by a frame of thick silicone to protect it from getting a bashing.

Coming out in December, priced at £19.99, pink and black variations will go live first, followed in the near future by blue, red, purple, orange, green, and yellow.

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