It's our editor Chris Hall's birthday today so to celebrate we thought we'd present him with not one cake but 101 of them. And what's better, they are all geek-based (and probably flour and eggs and that).

So we've collected the finest we've seen and pieced them all together for a big birthday party in our gallery.

Whether you're a gamer, a Star Wars fan, into your hardware or just a bit of sci-fi, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll find anything you can possibly think of made out of crumbs, icing and a lot of food dye. There's even an effort from Pocket-lint's own Stuart Miles in the mix. Can you guess which one it is?

If you've baked an amazing geek cake of your own, make sure to post the link in the comments below and, if you haven't, just tell us your favourite of the 101 or a gateaux that a geek out there should be making.