So, you're sitting there on a throne made out of freshly minted 100 pound notes, and you're wondering what else you could buy yourself for Christmas that you don't already have. But, that's almost impossible. Ever since you bought Prince the musician to literally just play new songs for your ears only (so, that's what happened to him), you've run out of ideas.

Online gadget store has come up with the solution though. It's launched a new off-shoot section called WTF?! or What The Firebox?!

Unlike the main site, the new area's remit covers items that although they apply under "money can buy", it'll take a fair penny.

For example, the initial wave of stuff to go on sale under its banner includes a fully-sized, fully-working replica of the Batmobile from the original 60s TV series. At a cool £120,000, it's even wet sanded by hand to remove any surface imperfections in the paint, and comes with custom leather seats. Thankfully, delivery is free.

There's also the Seabreacher X Watercraft - a dolphin-shaped submersible vehicle that can travel at speeds of up to 50mph, and costs £65,000 - and a Giant Mathmos Lava Lamp for £2,400.

However, we can't wait for the £2,500 Giant Gumball Machine or, better still, the Moller Skycar M400, a four-seater VTOL skycar that can zip through the air at up to 380mph.

At £324,000 a pop, we've all put one on our Christmas wish-lists here at Pocket-lint.

We'll be good, promise.

What would you most want if money was no object? Let us know in the comments below...