If you're as serious about skiing as we know that you are about tech, then you might want to grab yourself a pair of these Zeal Optics GPS Goggles from Firebox.

Inside the SPX polarized lens, there is a micro-LCD screen that appears as if it's 2 metres away from you.

The screen taps into the goggles' GPS tech to give you a wealth of real-time information whilst you tackle the slopes including your speed, altitude, vertical position, temperature and your geo-location. There's even a stopwatch on board for a bit of time-trial action.

The Zeal Optics are compatible with both PC and Mac and hook up (and charge) via a USB port - so you can analyse your data on your desktop.

The polarized lenses reduce glare by up to 99 per cent and the buttons on board are all big-glove friendly. Which is handy as no-one likes frostbite.

The Zeal Optics GPS Goggles will be hitting Firebox soon, priced at £449.99.