Best geek Halloween pumpkins and nerdy Jack-o'-lanterns from around the 'net

The familiar sight of a Zoom conference call but in pumpkin form.   (image credit: @avb_soc)
One of the scariest of modern problems, a battery that's near dead. Panic! Find a charger or just embrace the misery of a dead device.  (image credit: ConfundledBundle)
The Pumpkin Geek, aka Alex Wer, creates some magnificent works of art on "faux" pumpkins that last much longer than a normal pumpkin that'll rot given time.  (image credit: The Pumpkin Geek/Alex Wer)
This image of the super plumber is instantly recognisable across the world and we're sure this pumpkin would be popular for years to come too.  (image credit: The Pumpkin Geek/Alex Wer)
Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Can he be carved on a pumpkin? Take look, yes he can. Uh-oh, he is a spiderman. (image credit: The Pumpkin Geek/Alex Wer)
This beauty is one of several intricately carved pumpkins by Villafane Studios. (image credit: Villafane Studios)
Minecraft continues to grow in popularity even with the basic pixelated graphics and goes to show a game doesn't have to feature bleeding edge tech to do well. (image credit: Funny Junk)
Pacman and his arch nemesis captured in a single pumpkin. (image credit: Flickr)
The humble RSS feed might not get the same love it used to, but we still get a warm and fuzzy feeling when we see this logo. (image credit: Medium)
Fear of pumpkins is the path to the dark side. Fear of carvings leads to anger. (image credit: Pumpkin Gutter)
This pumpkin carving is an awesome representation of zombie-pirate LeChuck from The Curse of Monkey Island. (image credit: Pinterest)
We've seen some clever horror style pumpkins before, but this one is something special. (image credit: Sketchfab)
"You're one ugly..." Arnie's famous line from the Predator film nicely sums up the hideous face of the Predator. (image credit: Pinterest)
Emojis are extremely popular, but we're not sure anyone will manage to replicate Apple's Animojis. (image credit: iRumors Now)
This pumpkin carving features the psycho from the cover art for the Borderlands game. (image credit: Geeks Podcast)
Another spiderman pumpkin shows us that the web-slinging legend is a popular one. This simple carving works really well and looks great lit up too. (image credit: Pinterest)
A carving of a Linux penguin would surely show people how nerdy you are if you had this in your window. (image credit: Club Penguin)
Link is an everlasting hero, with many incarnations, even this one on the side of a pumpkin. (image credit: gigoop)
The comedian is a cigar-chomping, gun-toting vigilante from The Watchman. This likeness is impressive as it is accurate. Cracking film too! (image credit: Patternskid)
If you look carefully you'll notice that instead of the bite out of the side of the apple, there's a head that looks like Steve Jobs. (image credit: Pumpkin Nook)
Nintendo fans out there might enjoy this one - a carving of the famous Nintendo logo and a hand holding the Wii console controller. (image credit: Pinterest)
Little Big Planet's Sackboy has never looked quite so cool. (image credit: Pinterest)
If you love Angry Birds but want to see proper pumpkin designs rather than paintings, then this one might be for you. (image credit: Pinterest)
This bright and brilliant depiction of Cthulhu shows the cosmic entity first created by H.P. Lovecraft. (image credit: Pinterest)
Here we see the Starship Enterprise battling it out with the Millenium Falcon. Because why not? (image credit: Alex Wer)

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