Pogoplug has announced the update to its useful storage solution, throwing Wi-Fi into the equation and slapping on a Pro tag for good measure.

Pogoplug Pro, brings with it all the things that you loved (and Pocket-lint loved too, we gave it 8 out of 10 in our review) from the original, but the new device doesn't need an Ethernet connection to function - it can connect to the web wirelessly through its built-in Wi-Fi adaptor.

If you're not familiar with Pogoplug, it is a storage solution that mixes the cloud and physical hardware. You can plug up to four hard-drives via USB and then access this data via the web. You can also upload data to your storage solutions via the web, and even access it via the free Android and iOS apps.

That means streaming on the go, and it also means mobile printing if you hook up a printer to your Pogoplug system.

Pogoplug Pro is going to be hitting Best Buy stores in the US this week, with a price of $99. There's no UK pricing at the moment, but we're doing our best to find out - so be sure to check back on Pocket-lint for updates.

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