Tesco is to follow Waitrose's lead by introducing scan-as-you-shop technology into its stores following a successful trial in Romford.

The device lets you scan your own shopping as you go round the shop and then pay for your trolley-full at a designated pay point.

We can see why they trialled the service in Romford, some of the check-out girls in there are scary as hell, any excuse to avoid them would be welcomed with open arms.*

As well as scanning regular items, you can also weigh and scan your fruit and veg on the go.

Waitrose has been offering a similar service, called Quick Check, for a couple of years now, but with Tesco being by far the UK's biggest supermarket, it will see this type of tech moving into the mainstream.

Tesco has also revealed its pre-tax profits - a whopping £1.6 billion, which is 12 per cent up on last year.

*Technically, this writer is allowed to mock Romford, what with this being his own part of the world.

Update: Apparently Sainsbury's has been offering a similar service as well, thanks to everyone who pointed this out.