Moixa, the company behind the USBCell batteries that are charged via a USB socket, has set its sights on bigger power saving issues.

"We are trying to make renewable energy work for the mass market", Moixa's CEO, Simon Daniel, tells Pocket-lint.

The idea is to create something it's calling the Moixa Smart DC Micronet, a box that, with the help of solar panels and other eco-friendly devices, will let you power lighting, computing and electronics in your home without having to call on the local electricity company.

"The aim is to save 10-30% off bills", claims Daniel. "Since we know DC stuff explicitly, together with the smart control features that do the monitoring, we can tell if your boiler is programmed incorrectly - inferred from electricity usage correlation".

The core of the product is a charging station that could start from just £499 and rise up to £2999 depending on spec, with consumers able to add solar panels as well as specialist sockets and lighting that could be placed around the house.

But it's not just pie in the sky thinking, Moixa has already got a £1.4m grant to develop the solution further and is currently running a trial with TSB and Burro Happold into 50 homes in March next year.

"We plan to release a home working system via corporates with CRC benefit to enable home offices (estimated at 700k in the UK) to power their home office overnight", Daniel says looking to the future. "It's basically a game changer".

Daniel hopes the low cost, mass market, tackling gadgets we use will impress consumers looking to save cash.

Daniel believes that if the company can raise an additional 500k and then Series A funding mid next year it should start to see the Moixa Smart DC Micronet in supermarkets and DIY stores spring 2012, or in his words "Christmas 2011 if we are lucky".