Oakley has said that it will launch a range of Oakley glasses for the 3D TV viewer wanting to look cool and watch television at the same time.

Going up against others like Polaroid"The company's proprietary frame innovations have been combined with lens technologies that will maximize the 3D experience with an unrivalled level of performance," says the company.

The new glasses, that will only work with Passive rather than Active glasses will come in a range of different styles and be available in the US by the end of 2010 and globally in 2011.

"Oakley 3D eyewear will be a milestone in 3D entertainment," said Oakley CEO Colin Baden.

The company is hoping that a range of 3D eyewear designs to address the "scope of needs and desires of movie enthusiasts, aficionados and those who will utilize Oakley 3D eyewear for home systems," will encourage people to buy and then take their own glasses to the cinema.  

"In addition to the first optically correct 3D eyewear in the world, Oakley has achieved the first 3D lenses ever made with high-wrap curvature, essential for maximizing the wearer's field of vision. A full panoramic view can be experienced without the need to turn one's head in order to see what is happening at the corners of the theatre screen," The company adds.

No word on how much.