Designer Paulo Bruno has created a hoody design that'll get sci-fi and, specifically, Star Trek fans loosening their zips... On their hoodies, that is.

When zipped-up, his Traditional Greeting hooded sweatshirt simply shows a giant hand, palm faced-forward. However, open it up a bit, and the picture on the front turns into a Vulcan salute, usually accompanied vocally by the phrase "live long and prosper".

Available via clothing website Threadless (, the designed hooded top costs $40 (£26) online. Unfortunately, there's only one colour choice - black - but it does come in a variety of sizes from small, all the way up to 2XL.

What's the betting that the next Star Trek con will feature a sea of hoody-wearing Trekkies, all sporting their zips at half-mast. It'll be like going to the Bluewater shopping centre on a Wednesday afternoon, only without the discarded cans of Strongbow and flagrant ASBO abuse.