Now that the new iPod nano has finally hit the streets, it's time for accessory manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon in their droves. Docking solutions, arm bands, tiny carry cases, etc, are all par for the course. But it only takes one look at this new generation of tiny media player to realise that a brand new type of add-on will emerge.

Although it's bigger than a conventional wristwatch, the latest nano can easily double as a wearable time piece, and at least two companies have already created straps to suit the purpose.

County Comm's Maratac bands ( have been around long before the new Apple device, yet work perfectly with its form factor. They come in all manner of colours, so can match the device, and there are plenty of styles to choose from, including the bemusingly titled James Bond-style bands. As long as you choose a 22mm version, it'll fit the player.

Prices start at around $17 (£11), while the Bond ones come in at around $28 (£18.13), but the company will ship them to anywhere in the world for free.

The company also makes a small nylon case, which fits the nano and strap, that costs $5 (£3.24).

Additionally, iLoveHandles ( has created a custom made strap which has a cut-out section so that the nano sits centrally. It is charging $19.99 (£12.94) for its version.

What's the betting on an official Apple one soon?