Monday morning is set to be one of the busiest days on the road, with the kids going back to school, according to satnav giant TomTom, who has reported that "there were 702 more miles of traffic and 297 more traffic incidents compared to a typical Monday morning" on the equivalent Monday last year.

So, to make that journey a little less stressful, you could invest in one Griffin's latest iAccessories.

First up we've got the Griffin Window Seat, which is basically a satnav style holder for your iPhone.

griffin wants your apple devices to take a seat image 5

Yep, we've seen this sort of thing before - but with TomTom just realising its updated iOS apps, they might make a perfect pair.

Next up is the Griffin Cinema Seat, which is basically a headrest holder for an iPad.

griffin wants your apple devices to take a seat image 2

Again, there's nothing particularly unique here - there's plenty of these sorts of accessories available on eBay. But why buy a substandard product from the far-east, which is likely to snap and drop your precious iPad, when you can get one from a reliable brand?

Both accessories are out now with the official prices being £19.99 for the Window Seat (or £29.99 for a microphone version) and £29.99 for the Cinema Seat. Although a quick Google search reveals you can get them a bit cheaper elsewhere.