As well as its media munching capabilities, the iPad is capable of so many creative applications that it's rapidly being embraced by the art and photography field. However, its form factor is such - with the slightly rounded backplate and thin edges - that it's hard to use as a canvas or for intricate photo retouching when it's laid down.

Also, for fine art and minute alterations, a stubby man-finger is just not good enough to get the effect necessary.

Thankfully, design studio Psychic Factory has been working on a cunningly simple concept that could change the way professionals, and enthusiasts, draw on the tablet.

Enter the iSketch, the steady support for iPad sketching.

It's a tightly-fitting base for the iPad to slot into, which also doubles as a Powermat-style conductive charger, allowing a doodler to work on their art all night without worrying about battery life. There's also an accompanying sketch pen, but Pocket-lint would expect that to be changed somewhat before manufacture, as it doesn't seem to feature conductive material at its nib (essential for iPad screen manipulation).

Unfortunately, as a design concept, there's little or no indication whether this will actually see the light of day, but we would certainly embrace it if it did.