Goodmans, in cahoots with The Grid Network, has announced the GFMTDAB10 in-car DAB-Adaptor which it describes as:

"A small, light weight and effective method of enabling digital radio in cars without a digital radio receiver".

The adaptor sticks to your dashboard or your windscreen, much like a sat-nav, and transmits DAB radio to your car's radio via an empty FM frequency - much like Griffin's iTrip or RoadTrip works.

And, like Griffin's offerings, you'll also be able to sling your MP3 player's audio over the airwaves - it has a line-in to receive tunes from your portable audio device of choice.

When it comes to the DAB radio, which is its main selling point, there are eight preset buttons so you can choose your favourite stations with ease and it has a LCD display so you know what you are tuned in to.

It automatically selects an empty frequency to broadcast over and if you drive into a region where that band is being used, you can change it with one push of a button.

The Goodmans GFMTDAB10 in-car DAB-Adaptor is available now and will cost you about £60.