Getting up in the morning is something none of us want to do when we've got work or college to go to (but, bizarrely, easy enough on Birthdays and Christmas), so there's always going to be a call for alarm clocks.

Even then, a simple, normal clock may not be good enough. After all, a droning, monotonous, wailing noise is what passes for clubland tunes, or the mobile phone accompaniment for a bus journey nowadays. It's going to take a fair bit more to get the current generation of disaffected teenagers out of their beds.

And that's where iLuv comes in. Its two new alarm-based iPod docks each have interesting features that will help rouse a serial sleeper from their slumber.

The iMM178 Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker does what it says on the box, it shakes beds. The bed shaker attachment, with its own speaker and volume control, is placed under a pillow and, when the external alarm goes off, it sends waves of hideous noise straight into the open earhole of the sleeper, vibrating the bed as it goes.

Apart from that, it's an iPod/iPhone dock, has an FM radio built-in (with 8 presets) and can actually play iPod music via the bed shaking attachment.

Its price point is yet to be announced, but in the US (where it had the sillier name of Vibe Plus) it retails for $99 (£63).

Less barmy, but not without a gimmick here or there, is the iMM190 Rotational Alarm Clock Dock.

Not only does it, ahem, rotate - allowing you to store your iPod/iPhone horizontally or vertically, it has an built-in recorder so that you can record your own alarm noise. For example, why not wake up to the sound of you own voice? Or, better still, get somebody to sing "Happy Birthday", thereby tricking your brain into getting up.

To go with this dock, iLuv also offers a free app (iLuv App Clock) on iTunes, which turns the screen of your device into the time read out.

The iMM190 retails at £99, and is available from all manner of stores, such as John Lewis, Argos, Tesco and Littlewoods.