Look, we at Pocket-lint appreciate that you probably didn't expect to see news of the latest Sharpe pen gracing our pages, but as these pens contain a liquid graphite ink that can be erased within 3 days, but then goes permanent, well, as Paul Daniels used to say, "that's magic!"

And Sharpie's offering is nothing like those old erasable pens that used to be available in the 1990s - the ones that weren't actually erasable at all, they simply came with a rubber so hard that it took the first few millimetres of your notepad's pages off. With that definition a tattoo could be erasable, if you were to rub it for long enough.

No, this is a genuine technology that will make it easier for indecisive people to change their minds when it comes to note-taking.

The pen's graphite liquid ink will stay erasable for 72 hours, after which it will turn to a permanent state. It's not as ground breaking as OLED screens or the latest micro chip technology, but it's a pretty neat little idea and we like it.

The Sharpie Liquid Pencil is out next month, and we hear that it won't cost much more than a regular pen.