Apple has patented a system that would allow you to turn your iPod into a bike computer, in the same way that users can currently use the Nike Plus system to track their running performance.

Patently Apple, yes a site dedicated to find and reporting on Apple Patents, has uncovered a US Patent & Trademark Office patent application from Apple that reveals various concepts behind a newly advanced Smart Bicycle System in development.

According to the patent the system could either be used by a single cyclist or designed to wirelessly connect to a team of cyclists so that they could communicate with each other on-the-fly about course details, information, race stats or just how well they are doing on Doodle Jump.

The bicycle system, like most bike computers, monitors speed, distance, time, altitude, elevation, incline, decline, heart rate, power, derailleur setting, cadence, wind speed, path completed, expected future path, heart rate, power, and pace according to the patent information.

The system could utilize various sensors built-into the iPhone or iPod touch in addition to working with sensors already built-into the bike itself, very much like the Nike Plus system works for runners.

The patent is incredibly detailed suggesting a number of things that could be achieved with the device as you might expect.

Could we be about to see this system debuted in September, or will Apple wait until January when we are a bit more fitness focused? Let us know in the comments below.