Although it's been mooted since August 09, Duracell's myGrid device charging station is finally coming to the UK, and will be stocked by Currys.

Similar to rival product Powermat, the myGrid is a sheet of silver strips that charges up mobile phones when they're placed on top. It can cope with multiple devices at the same time (up to four, as long as there is space) and it shuts off completely if it comes in contact with human skin (hands, for example) and metal objects (such as keys), for safety reasons.

There are several devices that are listed as being able to work with the mat, including the iPhone, iPod touch, many other MP3 players and mobile phones, and BlackBerry handsets, and it is likely to come supplied with a solitary Power Sleeve that will fit your specific gizmo (you choose at point of sale).

Adaptors (power clips), and other sleeves, for alternative devices will also be available, and can be attached to the back relatively simply.

There's no pricing details yet, but it is expected to hit stores before Christmas. And, as it looks cunningly similar to the Wildcharge, which is available for around £60 with one inclusive sleeve, we wouldn't expect the final ticket to be much different.