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(Pocket-lint) - The worst thing about 3D cinema is the massive headache it gives and the nausea that accompanies that.

The second worst thing is that you have to wear 3D glasses that make it look as if you want an extras role on the next Blade movie.

But this is set to change (just the bad glasses part we're afraid - the nausea is set to stay) because Cineworld is offering Aviator style 3D specs so you can look cool when watching all of the 3D flicks that are coming our way.

The fact that you only need to wear the 3D specs throughout the duration of the film, which is shown in a very dark room, is irrelevant. We need to look cool - even when people can't see us.

As well as the Aviator bins, Cineworld is also offering clip-on 3D attachments for people who wear spectacles. Now this is a great idea - although you can fit your usual specs under the big 3D glasses, it isn't ideal, and this seems like the perfect solution.

“We’re really excited to be the first cinema chain in the UK to offer our customers a trendy way of enjoying 3D films", said Luke Roberts, head of Cineworld marketing communications".

"For our more fashion focused customers, we hope that the 3D aviator glasses offer them an on-trend eye wear option at the cinema”.

The Aviator specs and the clip on attachments are available from a limited amount of cinemas (Crawley, Didsbury, Glasgow Renfrew, Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Wandsworth).

The glasses will cost you £13 and the clip-ons, £4.

Are you a fan of 3D cinema? Do you feel the need to look trendy in a darkened room full of strangers? Let us know using the comments below.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 23 July 2010.