Yorkshire based manufacturer Visual Comfort has teamed up with AV specialist RB Vision to produce one of the most tech-friendly beds that you're likely to see.

The Sandman is a super king-sized bed that has draws for AV equipment and your optical disks, an LED back-lit headboard and, most importantly, it can accommodate a 40-inch TV in a designated compartment that is hidden away and can be risen, using a remote control, with a "silent and smooth system" in a few seconds.

Built in to the bed you've got HDMI, CAT5 and RF capabilities making it easy to hook up all of your AV equipment.

Andrea and Andrew Montgomery, co-founders and owners of Visual Comfort said:

"The Sandman bed will appeal to style conscious individuals and the boutique hotel sector. The bed is supremely well made and gloriously comfortable.

"The addition of the AV dimension virtually transforms the Sandman into an intimate and relaxing home cinema. It reflects the trend for making bedrooms more than just places to sleep but venues for relaxation, and in particular, viewing movies and live TV".

At £5995 for the premium model or £4995 for the luxury one (and that's without a mattress or a 40-inch TV), it looks as though the Sandman is aimed at the top-end of the market.

It's available now - order one direct from Visual Comfort if you can afford it.