Got a load of old PCs up in your loft? A pile of 486s that you could do without?

If so, why not turn them into a trendy talking point like David Maloney did when he created this brilliant coffee-table from the innards of his old machines?

Maloney explains:

"For years I've been throwing old computer boards into a box in the garage to someday recycle them into some sort of project. It finally popped in my head to create a table with them using some of the black walnut from a tree we cut down a few years ago and had milled in the yard with a portable mill.

"It's basically two tables. One internal table to screw the boards to and another set of wood frames with glass that slide on top of the board table. It's basically a wood diorama. It will be very easy to swap out the computer boards with something else once we get tired of the look of the boards".

component coffee table because geek is the new chic image 2

What could he throw in next we wonder? SNES cartridges perhaps, or maybe just the miles of cabling that piles up over the years.

Whatever he chooses, we're not sure he'll be able to top this design.

Have you seen some old tech being used in a cool way like this? Let us know and, who knows, we might include it and even give you a name-check.