Who said that tech couldn't be romantic? No-one probably, it would be an odd thing to say - but they aren't two words that exactly inhabit similar lexicons.

But old romantic Luke Jerram thought that he could combine his sensitive side, with his tech love, to design a unique, stylish and gadget-tastic wedding ring.

Inspired by the the stanhope optical device of the 19th century (look it up if you don't know what they are - every day's a school day with Wikipedia) Jerram's wedding ring includes a minuscule photographic slide, containing four images, on one side and a lens on the other.

project your love with your wedding ring image 3

When illuminated, the laws of physics combine to provide a slide show of Jerram with his wife to be. The only trouble is that he has to take off his ring for it to work, but seeing as though he's gone to this much effort, we're sure the future Mrs Jerram won't mind.

Awww, how cute. We'll have to go and shoot some zombies on our PS3 now to get our testosterone levels back to an acceptable level.