Did all the James Bond news earlier on get the spy inside of you all a flutter? Well, if so, go out there and do something about it.

No, we don't mean killing a couple of suspect Russians, sipping a Martini and then crashing an Aston Martin. We mean by kitting up - and you can start with this Waterproof Video Spy Watch.

The watch contains a mini camera under the 12 which can record AVI,1280x960, video and can also take 4:3 JPEG photos. There's also a mic for sound recording.

It charges via USB and it has 4GB of built in storage. You can use it in the water down to 30m.

The Waterproof Video Spy Watch is available from I Want One of Those and will cost you a penny less than £90.

Get one and feel like a secret agent. Or a secret pervert if you use it at your local pool.