During the games launch for the re-imagining of Goldeneye 007 and James Bond 007: Blood Stone, Michael Wilson, producer of the movies since 1979, said the words that everybody wanted to hear. He believes that the studio wranglings, and enforced hiatus for the franchise will be over soon.

MGM has put the next Bond film (tentatively dubbed Bond 23) on indefinite hold. It was to be directed by Sam Mendes, star Daniel Craig, obviously, and focus on the evil organisation uncovered by Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

However, the British press reported on July 6 that, due to cash problems, the latest edition in the franchise had be canned for good.

It now seems that announcement was premature: "We hope to be bringing you another James Bond film soon," said Wilson while introducing the two new Bond games.

His quote adds credence to the recent claims made by both Hollywood-centric site, Risky Business, and Deadline. They state that Bond 23 is merely suspended until the sale of MGM is finalised.

We certainly hope so. After all, Quantum of Solace, critical reception aside, made over US$586million worldwide on a budget of US$200million, not including DVD and Blu-ray revenue. To kill the franchise now would've been madness, even on a raw financial level.

What do you think? Are you a Bond fan, and are happy that it looks like the franchise is set to continue? Or would you rather James Bond take early retirement? Let us know in the comments below...