We recently told you about the LEMV (long endurance multi intelligence vehicle) that can fly around at 22,000 feet, unmanned, for up to 3 weeks. Now whilst the LEMV is all well and good, it's basically a glorified blimp.

The Taranis on the other hand, well, it's like nothing you've ever seen before (unless you've seen footage of the Taranis that is, then it's exactly like something you've seen before).

The Taranis is the MOD's new baby. It cost over £140 million to make and BAE has just unveiled the first prototype. 

It's a stealth aircraft that can fly, unmanned, and is invisible to ground radar systems. It is designed to be used for surveillance and reconnaissance, although it does have the capacity to carry bombs and missiles as well.

The name comes from the Celtic god of thunder (who we thought was called Roy Keane), and is described as just as advanced as anything the US has in development. Hopefully we're not planning a war with the US though.

The unveiling was a bit of a cloak and dagger affair with secrecy being the name of the game. Reporters weren't allowed too close to the Taranis and they weren't allowed to take their own pictures. They were even scanned on the way in for recording equipment. 

All it needed was a villain to turn up and do the off with it and that would have been the next James Bond instalment written right there.

Check out this ITN video which shows off the high profile unveiling: