If you liked the look of the bendy-bike design then you'll like this futuristic looking foldable bike from If Mode. In fact, if you didn't like the bendy-bike because you thought it looked too cheap then you'll like this one. Or, you might not like it at all whether you liked the bendy bike or not.

Whatever, we don't care (we do really).

All we can say is we like the look of the If Mode bicycle and we think it would be just the job for a daily commute - if only it didn't cost about £1650.

For the hefty price tag you are getting a full-sized 28-inch wheel bike, with two gears and a covered up chain so you don't get grease all over your expensive suit. We're guessing you've got an expensive suit if you can afford £1650 for a bike.

The wheels only have a single connection on one side, so the bike is ultra-compact when folded and it weighs under 15kg, so you'll be able to lug it on and off the train. If you're worried about carrying around 15kg for long periods of time, then fear not, because it can be wheeled once folded.

It's available in black or white and you can order it now from Babygeared. It's $2495 and will cost you a fair bit in shipping too.