Checking whether you're fat and unfit or skinny and healthy is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to a new set of bathroom scales from Salter.

The new HoMedics MiBody 360 range is a set of scales, blood pressure monitor and pedometer that all connect to software on your computer to give you updates on how you are doing.

The scales measure body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass index and basal metabolic rate.

Six users can log up to 30 memories each, on the scales' memory and with the USB drive in the box you can then transfer the data to your PC.

Tied into the system is a blood pressure monitor that measures systolic, diastolic, and pulse measurements.

Finally that pedometer will count your steps when walking or running, the distance you've travelled and the calories you burnt - so a real all-in-one machine.

"We use the system in the office once a week to monitor how good, or bad, we've been", the PR manager for the company told us at the launch event. As to whether it helps, we got an unsurprising "most definitely".

You can get the new system from the company's website or Amazon.

The scales cost £79.99, the blood pressure unit £69.99 and the pedometer £49.99. The PC software is included in the box.