There's nothing more embarrassing than losing your job and then having to pack up all of your work-based belongings into a cardboard box. That cactus plant that you 'hilariously' accessorised with a pair of sunglasses doesn't seem so funny when you're packing it away in front of your now ex-colleagues - it just looks a bit pathetic.

If only there was a way of making a sharp exit and simply wheeling your office set up away before anyone has the chance to notice.

Well, now there is with the Kruikantoor push-cart mobile office.

The Kruikantoor is an EPS foam compactable office set up covered in a polyurea hotspray. It has a desk, two chairs, storage facilities and also is all wired up for your laptop and desk lamps.

It folds away into a neat little square with one of the chairs acting as the handles, and it has wheels so you can do a sharp one if needs be.

It's ridiculous really, but we like it.

Mind you, Pocket-lint workers are forced to work under extreme conditions, where the thought of being able to sit at a desk (even one made of foam) seems like a forbidden luxury.