You may not be aware, but we're in the middle of National Bike Week. And what better way than to participate than getting on your bike and going for a pedal around town?

Trouble is, everyone else will probably have the same idea and you'll just be another sheep following the standards of yet another national week. (We've recently had National Ice Cream week and National Smile Week - were these really needed?)

So why don't you make yourself stand out from the crowd by riding about on a Penny Farthing. No, not one of those death traps from the 1800s but a modern version, complete with all the safety features of today's bicycles.

I Want One Of Those is selling its contemporary Penny Farthings, which have one 36-inch wheel and one 12-inch wheel. They've also got brakes on the little wheel, suspension in the saddle, a durable steel frame and anti-slip pedals.

Let's face it, you're going to look a bit odd riding about on one of these, but you're bound to get plenty of attention. People like odd - just look at the success some of the weirdest people in the country have experienced on Britain's Got Talent.

The modern Penny Farthings are £499 and are available from I Want One Of Those now.