Fancy letting everyone know just how bloomin' annoyed you are with the overpaid prima-donnas* otherwise known as the England football team?

Well then, simply send a tweet via @thefootwall and the guys from The Brand Union will project it in giant letters on the side of its offices in Farringdon, London.

Paul Wood, Account Director for The Brand Union, says: “It’s about relevance. Many companies use social media to be seen to be keeping up, but consumers are interested in relevance to create social currency".

That's some pretty heavy marketing talk right there, but we think what Wood was getting at is that a PR stunt shouldn't just use social media for the sake of it, there should be some substance behind the campaign. And with seemingly the whole country having an opinion on Capello, Rooney and the lads, this stunt couldn't be more relevant.

tweet lampard is rubbish in style image 2

*We don't necessarily agree that the England team fits this description, but it seems to be the general consensus after Friday's dismal 0-0 draw with Algeria. We at Pocket-lint are your typical glass half-full type of team though, and we've got every faith that England will beat Slovenia and progress to the knock-out stages. Come on England.