Imagine if you were rich. We're not talking Jonathan Ross, a few million quid a year rich, we're talking mega, Roman Abramovich, Richie Rich rich. The type of rich where splashing out hundreds of millions of pounds on a plaything like a yacht wouldn't be that big a deal.

Now if you're in that zone, if you can get your head around that level of wealth, then picture yourself going out and buying the most extravagant yacht that money could buy. Chances are that the vessel that you've now got pictured in your mind would look something like the U-101 Undersea Yacht as featured on Yanko, a design by Marina Colombo and Sebastiano Vida.

The U-101 is like something out of Bond film. It's 66.5m long with an inside area measuring 700mq. There's a sun lounging deck up top for when the weather is nice or if it gets choppy it can take a dive and you'll have to make do with passing the time in the luxurious living quarters.

This mega yacht/submarine would run diesel with the option of switching to electric propulsion if required.

Quite frankly, it's the sort of machine that dreams are made of. Actually, there's no pool is there? Well, we'll have to pass then. It's useless.