Last year, we reviewed the X-Mini Minimax speaker, and we were pleasantly surprised by the power and quality packed into the diminutive device. So we're delighted to hear that distributor Digital Audio Distribution has added built-in MP3 playback to the system.

The X-Mini Happy has an SD card slot so you can load up your favourite tunes and off you go. The MP3 playback means that this device would be a perfect travel companion - you could use these in a hotel room and the X-Mini Happy would also be a great addition to your festival gear.

This mobile music player is only the size of a satsuma but with the signature X-mini Bass Xpansion System (BXS), the compact player can amplify a "dynamic audio range without compromising on acoustic integrity".

There's also a jack socket on the X-Mini Happy so as you can boost its sound by adding further X-Mini speakers.

They're £49.99 and you can get one now from Amazon or Advanced MP Players.