If you’ve ever felt the urge to own the world’s smallest DVB-T TV tuner, then you’re in luck; Compro’s U680F is tiny.

This diminutive USB TV-tuner doesn’t stop at mere TV pictures though, it also supports DAB and DAB+ digital radio, as well as standard FM.

It works with both standard definition and HD TV, although it’s not compatible with DVB-T2. And, it’s supplied with a desktop gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that gives you real-time program listings on the desktop.

Sadly, though, it doesn’t support the digital Teletext service in the UK, which is a bit of a bummer. But, the U680F is supplied with a Windows Media Center-friendly remote control and you can record TV in MPEG-2 using the supplied software or Windows Media Center. No word on UK pricing or availability as yet.

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