Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and we spotted a Hong Kong-based manufacturer, S&A, displaying an iPad stand at Computex, Taiwan. Well, as of right now it’s a stand, but it’s going to be a dock very shortly; a dock that allows you to use your iPad in landscape mode.

Many an iPad user wants to be able to use their device in a dock while in landscape mode. And some reviewers have complained about the fact that the dock connector is on the short end of the iPad. However, it seems like S&A might have solved that little problem with its new accessory.

The dock connector is in the usual location, but it comes out at the rear, so you can still have the iPad plugged in while using it in landscape mode. A pretty clever idea, but apparently not quite as easy to execute as you’d think.

We’d expect the concept to appear under various retail names later this year.

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