If you're serious about air guitar then you might want to consider investing £25 into one of these Paper Jamz guitars. Being serious about air guitar doesn't simply mean waving your arms about trying to copy Pete Townshend. It's a skill, an art, and if you don't get that, well, you're not a true air guitar player.

For those of you that do know what we're talking about then imagine taking your air guitar further by actually holding a guitar. We know what you're thinking, that the physical presence of an actual guitar would defeat the object, and go against the core principals, of air guitar. But what if the guitar wasn't technically a guitar at all, but was a string-less, paper replica of a guitar?

We know what you're thinking now. You're thinking, why the hell would I pay £25 for a guitar made of paper, that has no strings? Well, um, err, we've lost where we're going with that, but all we can say is the Paper Jamz guitars look like they'd be a great laugh.

Available in five different styles with a range of different songs loaded on to them, the Paper Jamz guitars work by allowing you to strum the non-existent strings simply by touching the surface. Simply place your fingers on the fingerboard and strum your other hand across the (non) strings to play. By placing different fingers on the right fret, you will produce either a major, minor or seventh chord.

There's three different modes: Perfect Play, where the tune will automatically play, so even if you don’t know it you can still play along. Rhythm mode, which plays the backing track but where you’ll need to strum perfectly. Last up is FreeStyle mode, where you can pretend you're Jimmy Page or Slash and just go nuts.

They're £24.99 and you can get one from either Firebox or I Want One of Those.