The Infinit Solar Bag may just be the ecological and practical solution to the problem of dead batteries this summer. Its developers claim that it can recycle enough solar energy to charge two different devices.

The 2.4watts solar panel is clearly visible on the front of the back-pack, and hidden away there is a 2000mAH battery that stores the solar energy for when you need it. We're told that the bag will charge with natural light, but obviously for optimum performance it will need exposing to high levels of sunlight.

It comes with nine different adaptors for all your gadgetry needs including the most common mobile phone connectors and mini-USB for things like your satnav. It will work with your iPhone or iPod, but you'll have to use your own white cable as Apple won't let Infinit supply these.

The Infinit Solar Bag weighs 1.4kg, has dimensions of 45 x 37 x 12cm, with a capacity of 25 litres. It's £89.99 direct from Infinit or you can even get one direct from Apple. Infinit also tells us that with each bag sold they'll make a donation to

Go on, do your bit for the planet. After all, green is good kids.