Firebox is aiming to make online shopping not only easier, but safer, with its latest release - the SmartSwipe.

The SmartSwipe plugs in to your PC via USB. When a credit or debit card is swiped it reads, encrypts and transmits the data stored on the card and fills in the payment section on most online retail sites. All you have to do is enter your three digit security code from the back of the card.

And because the data is encrypted before it even reaches your PC, you are safe from the internet baddies who want to steal your monies.

It's a bit pricey at £69.99, but you can't put a price on safety can you?

Get your SmartSwipe exclusively from Firebox when it is released next month although, sadly, you will need to fill out your credit card details the old fashioned way, one last time, to do this.