The scientists in Fujitsu's research department have managed to come up with a new version of the company's colour e-paper that offers a significant upgrade on the previous generation.

It'll be shown off at the company's Fujitsu Forum exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, and allows for a much brighter screen than its predecessor, as well as a contrast ratio of 7:1. While that might not sound like much, that's three times the contrast of prior versions of the e-paper. The benefits are thanks to a new liquid crystal being used, which has more reflective properties.

Compared to a regular screen, e-paper takes longer to write an image, but that's balanced by the fact that once an image is on the display, it requires no power to stay there. Older versions of Fujitsu's e-paper took nearly 1.5 seconds to refresh a page, but the new version only takes 0.7 seconds - it's been chopped in half. 

However, what Fujitsu's e-paper doesn't have yet is a product. It's likely it'll make its way into an e-reader of some sort before long, so when it does, we'll be sure to tell you.