Do you feel like you haven't got enough plastic in your living room? Are you not at all concerned about the state of the north Pacific gyre? Then you're probably a potential purchaser of Firebox's new Wii Fit accessories.

There's two on offer. A set of 1kg weights that attach to your remotes so that using them pumps up your muscles while retaining access to all the buttons, straps and infrared facilities, and a set of feet for the balance board which adds 3 inches of height - making the step game a little more challenging than it is normally. Don't fall off it, though.

Both bits of plastic cost £20, and are available right now from Firebox's website. Alternatively, if you're feeling handy, gaffer-tape a couple of bags of sugar to your Wii remotes, and stick some old books under your balance board. Cheaper, and you won't be contributing to the proliferation of useless bits of plastic in the world.